Public Health & Nutrition Review from Vanuatu

"It was a great sensation, knowing how quickly we all bonded and how the program is run."

Highlights of the trip:
There were plenty of highlights, just to name a few, team building. It was a great sensation, knowing how quickly we all bonded and how the program is run. I think you did a great job managing the team and also making everyone feel comfortable. The pre-training before entering the villages was great. I enjoyed learning about the culture and a bit of Bislama! I enjoyed the fact you are open to ideas and let us (the students) come up with suggestions which you took on board.

I enjoyed exploring the markets as part of the program! The warm fuzzy feeling when people from villages wanted to make a change. I didn’t realise the lack of nutrition knowledge. I felt I grew as a person on the trip, and felt I accomplished what I wanted. I was actually disappointed that I couldn’t stay and continue to explore Fiji with the team.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:
The accommodation was nice, I didn’t mind having cold showers! Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I wasn’t on this trip for luxury, so the fact that I had my own room was a bonus. It was an advantage being a guy in this case. The food was nice! I was happy Lynne catered for my diet, which ensured I was in top condition for the expedition.

Any improvements to help us be better:

A few improvements to make the trip more awesome. Legislation issues with the form, which Paula pointed out! Again this is out of your control but needs to be addressed. Maybe more interactive team cames, such as Pictionary or family feud. Mainly for bonding purposes. A team meeting debriefing in the morning before going to the villages would have been great. For example, knowing exactly where we were going and maybe what to expect.

It was, however, their festive season, so I know we couldn’t predict everything. A 30min question or idea building session, to bring the team together late in the afternoon would have been good. To reflect on what we noticed and what we learnt so far. Then ideas of what can be improved for the next village, for example, what can be added to the presentations, and want job everyone wants to do. I think just a bit of structure can go along way.

Nutrition & Public Health Vanuatu

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