Jasmin’s Review on Teaching in Vanuatu

"Lynne and Marysan were so kind, caring and made us feel very welcome"

Thank you so much for the opportunity I have loved every minute of it. The highlight of the trip was the people we got to share it with, Lynne and Marysan were so kind, caring and made us feel very welcome. The meals cooked for us were delicious and the time I got to spend with the kids was amazing too. The lodge we stayed at was simple and comfortable, I would stay there again. The only feedback I can offer is to spend more time at the school, as we only got two hours max in the morning but I understand the scheduling is unpredictable. I had the best time and will 100% do it again in the near future. ūüėä

Thanks, Jasmin

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Jasmin Pickett- Vanuatu teaching Jasmin Pickett- Vanuatu teaching 2 kids sitting outside home in Vanuatu blue waters in Vanuatu Jasmin Pickett- Vanuatu teaching

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