IVI Making progress in Fiji & Vanuatu!

Here’s IVI’s nutrition coordinator for Fiji talking about the work we are doing over there and the progress we have seen so far! Volunteers really can make the world of difference so please, enquire about our projects today!

Watch the clip from this post here: Great health check results in Fiji

Also watch more great resuts from our Vanuatu Nutrition program



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Holly and the volunteers teaching fijian kids about nutrition and diet

Alright, so the results of all of this, is that we’re making in-roads, and now IVI are committed to going over 4 times a year. We’ll also be measuring our progress while we’re there. And speaking of progress, I’ve got one more little thing to play for you and this is really cool. This is one of our Sheraton associates, its one of the Sheraton staff members in Denarau, who came and got a health check, got a bit of a shock, and went away to make some changes. The next time we were there, they came for their follow up health check. So have a listen to what happened…



So we came to do a health check last time and your blood sugar was high, is that correct?


But you’ve decided to cut out sugar, is that correct?

“I’ve very little sugar”

Yes, you have a low amount of sugar.

“Yes, because reaching that 9, it was alarm to me, so ahh! I don’t want to hear that! And then you said, “you’d better cut out any sugar”, so I managed to.

Good! That’s really good.

“And it was surprising like, I was happy when I see this result today.”

So you came back today, and we’ve done another health check and we did the blood glucose test. And your sugar level was what number…?




That’s a really good job! Yeah!

“YES! So I listened carefully to your advice, I took it, I own it!”

Great! I’m happy for you, that’s really good.

“So what I did most was I never mix water with lime. Only in the morning and midday, then I go to bed. Less lime, less juice. Even I tell my children, “don’t drink juice, waters the best”

That’s really good, well done!

So if that doesn’t inspire you well nothing will hey! Its just so cool to see those sorts of results. So if you’ve been listening to this episode and you would like to get involved, if you’re a nurse, nutritionist, doctor, naturopath, midwife, physio, occupational therapist, chiropractor, osteopath, or any other health practitioner that I forgot to mention. Get in touch.

We take students, as long as they have their basic first aid, so its also an amazing opportunity to gain experience in this field. And get your hands on the people, doing the things before you even graduate which is awesome. I remember when I came out of college, I’d barely even done 20 blood pressures and I was like oh my god I’m out in the big wide world!

So if you want to get this hands on experience, before you hit the big wide world, this is a great way to do it. And if your fully qualified, even better! So head to www.volunteering.org.au or just drop me a line at hello@julesgalloway.com and I’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction to get started. And who knows, maybe we’ll even be working side by side together in a tropical island soon.

Well, that’s all from me this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed this catch up episode. As usual, if you’re looking for beautiful ways to make yourself healthy, happy, more vibrant, if you’re looking for amazing tips on nutrition, adrenal fatigue…all those cool things. When I’m not being a volunteer coordinator, I’m also a naturopath and I see patients one on one, and I have a private program for adrenal fatigue. You can find out more about what I do at www.julesgalloway.com. There are free giveaways, a really cool quiz to assess the health of your adrenals as well.

That’s all from me right now. Have a beautiful fortnight, see you real soon.


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