Vanuatu Review

"It was such an incredible experience!! I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life. Everyone was kind, welcoming and friendly. Thank you for helping organise the trip."

Wish I never got to leave as I’m already having withdrawals. 

Highlights of the trip:

 The overall trip was amazing. I loved getting to know the students and having full control of teaching the class. Although it was challenging, I loved every part of the teaching program. 

Having some free time on the weekends was also great to explore some of the beautiful sights in Vanuatu. 


Comments on the team, food and accommodation: 

 Our coordinator Lynne was kind, caring and professional. She looked after us extremely well and always supported us with our teaching. 

The food was delicious and always fresh. I wouldn’t have minded more fruit and maybe more variety but no bad comments. Especially loved our farewell feast! 


The accommodation was basic but comfortable. We were well looked after during our whole stay. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. Only minor thing was getting asked to change rooms half way through our stay, but easy to do. 


Any improvements to help us be better:

 Maybe give us a little more insight to our program before arrival. 

More information about the teaching requirements before arrival; number of students, year level, assisting or full control  teaching and location of accommodation). 


Kind regards,

Olivia Cowie 

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