Primary School English Teaching Thailand

"It furthered my desire to become a teacher in the future."

Hey Lauren!

I went to Thailand with a group of 5 girls from Australia in mid-July.

I had such an amazing time in Thailand volunteering and teaching English. It furthered my desire to become a teacher in the future. My highlight of the trip was in the English Camp with the year fives from all different schools. I loved working with the other teachers at the station I was at, they made me feel really welcomed and vital to the students English speaking development.

I will always remember the students shouting shopping objects in English back at me. Teaching at the high school was challenging but fun and it was great to interact with older students. The team was really nice and welcoming to us, they made us feel very important. They were very accommodating to us all and made sure we were always enjoying our time.

I loved the accommodation of where we stayed, especially the common area where we would get to know other volunteers from other countries. The food was delicious and very filling. The only downside to the experience was we never really knew what was happening, to be fair it was the first time the high school had taken in volunteers but there was a lot of miscommunication to us, making it hard to know what to prepare to teach.  If you could please send me back a certificate I would be very grateful! Thank you so much for all of your organisation and effort, I had an amazing trip!

Kind regards,


Teaching English in Thailand Project

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