Fiji Nutrition & Public Health- Review by Holly

"Thank you IVI, for this life changing opportunity where I have learned so much"

Hi Lauren, thank you so much for everything. I found it really hard to put into words what the experience truly meant for me- it was so powerful I’m kind of at a loss, but I hope this is ok x

Holly’s Testimony

IVI’s Nutrition and Health Program in Fiji has been such a special and truly unique experience that I feel so proud to have been a part of. It has opened my eyes to the vast contrast between wealth and poverty, which unfortunately exists across even the small island of Fiji, and has filled me with gratitude. I’m leaving with memories and friends that will last me a lifetime, and I will treasure the moments I had connecting with the locals, fellow volunteers and the bond I have made with Fiji as a country. IVI has inspired me to focus more on global nutrition and aid in developing countries, and my motivation to succeed in making a difference and helping others has never been stronger.

My experience with IVI is one I shall never forget and I want to thank everyone; my fellow volunteers, my inspirational team leader Jules, and Lauren for being so helpful with my never ending questions! I want to thank Massi, Mere, Uncle Kelepi and all the other amazing host families that looked after me throughout the month. Thank you IVI, for this life changing opportunity where I have learned so much, taught others the best I could, and have never been so inspired to be a Nutritionist.

Link to Nutrition & Public Health Fiji Project

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