Teaching in Thailand Review

I had such an incredible and memorable experience volunteering in Thailand.

This trip exceeded all of my expectations and I loved getting to know all of the children! A highlight of the trip was the English camp. We taught the children songs and dances and basic English skills. They were all so polite and friendly and eager to learn! Another highlight was teaching in the high school. Although this was challenging teaching older ages, it was fun to teach each class new things such as money, family, greetings and future jobs. The team worked to the best of their ability to organise transport and to have the classes prepared for us. The food was amazing! I loved the variety of food that was provided such as the different curries and noodles and fresh fruit.

The accommodation was good and they arranged for the group of six I was travelling with to stay together. The only improvement I would suggest is to be able to teach in the primary school and interact with the younger years, as I would of loved to have that opportunity too. If you could please send me back a certificate I would be very grateful! Thank you so much for all of your organisation and effort, I had an amazing trip!

Kind regards,
Louise Tonus

Link to Teaching Placement Thailand

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