Thailand volunteering feedback

The volunteering in Thailand was an amazing experience and I'm so grateful.


Some of the many highlights for me was partaking in the english camp which was a 2 day camp with5 different schools all participating. The kids and all the teachers and especially Kate made the whole trip so enjoyable. Meeting and living with all the other volunteers was also a big highlight.

The food was great, especially having lots of fruit and the toast always left there throughout the day. The accommodation is so nice in the way that theres many big tables for all the volunteers to talk and get to know each other. The staff were so kind, especially Kate and Phil and all the drivers.

One thing that could have made it even better was having an activity every night of the week and maybe some citronella candles for the mosquitos outside on the big table.

Thank you so much for the experience, truly can’t wait to do it again in another country!



Link to Teaching Placement Thailand


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