Culture Week – Nepal Testimonial

Hi my name is Kai. I spent 3 weeks in Nepal. Through culture week I got a real taste for the city of Katmandu – chaotic streets, crammed buses, lots of very friendly people and interesting foods. My favourite place was Pokhara – a smaller city built in the Nepalese jungle with snow covered mountains in the background. This place had a special vibe and the hikes were very fun. Lots of back packets stayed here so it was good for meeting people like myself. The last place I visited was Chitwan where I went on a safari and got to see wild rhinos. No tigers unfortunately but maybe next time.

Over all the food was nice, people are friendly, there’s a lot of temples and cool places to visit and if you really want the full experience you can head to the Himalayas for full week treks through beautiful snowy villages and views like you’ve never seen.

Culture week in Kathmandu

Teaching in Pokhara

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