Everest Base Camp Trek Review

"Hi Lauren, My trip was amazing! I seriously had the best time :)"


Highlights of the trip:

The Trekking – Our guide was amazing, and it was a really good time to go in February, wasn’t too busy and the weather warmed up during the say, so the cold wasn’t too bad.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

Guide was amazing, Rajesh and the rest of the team were super loving, friendly and supportive!   The doors need to be fixed in the main house, but they know this and have been trying to fix them.

Any improvements to help us be better:

In the welcome booklet guide it would’ve been good to mention that hot showers cost money on the trek, plus some recommended medication for diarrhea  or nausea since these are two common occurrences in Nepal for foreigners. Also being mentally prepared to possibly seeing death along the way due to altitude sickness, is important. To make sure they reassured, that this only happens if they don’t start to go back down the mountain. Also mention Horses and helicopters (if you have insurance) are available during an emergency.

All in all i can’t wait to do more volunteer work with IVI, i think i’ll do turtle conservation next 🙂






Himalayas3 crazy airport in lukla nepal

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