Nepal Kindergarten Review

Hi Lauren,


Highlights of the trip:


– culture of the country

– teaching in low socio economic status

– greetings from the children and staff


Comments on the team, food and accommodation: 


– amazing support

– always were around to ask questions and help


– food was amazing; however, as a westerner, would prefer anything but curry for breakfast ?not complaining though all food was second to none


– accomodation was great; however when there is lots of volunteers it was a fight to use the bathroom. So I suggest more toilets and showers

– also more dining tables when there are lots of volunteers

– the team were great in providing extra blankets


Any improvements to help us be better:

I would recommend that on arrival no matter what time you receive more information. We got in at 12am and we were pretty much told to go to bed. We didn’t know what time to get up or where to meet or where the showers and toilets are. There was also confusion about starting our projects straight away as we weren’t part of culture week. Also, more information before we leave. When I spoke to the team in Nepal they said this was always their coldest month yet I was told by IVI to pack long skirts and shirts incase I got hot. I was FREEZING. I would also suggest to put on the packing list toilet paper as they do not provide that. Also, being in the kindergarten you didn’t venture out of the compound much so I would also recommend to bring snacks, biscuits your own tea and coffee etc. Also on the packing list, slippers, as they are the only shoes they let you wear inside houses over there and the floor can get cold.


Other than that the overall experience was great!

Kind regards,

Taylor McManus




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