7 Best Construction Projects Abroad This Year

Do you love working outdoors and getting your hands dirty? Love the togetherness of working as a team? Our construction and renovation projects abroad could be just what you’re looking for.

We have construction projects abroad to suit everyone form total beginner and no experience to professionals. All are welcome and all projects will be supervised by local builders and coordinators.

The communities we work with have limited access to resources, and local areas as a result, are often lacking in infrastructure.

By helping to build new structures, renovate and bright up exciting buildings, it can really help to bring communities together and build a brighter future for those in need.

These projects would suit anyone who has a reasonable level of fitness as the projects can be quite hard work at times, and you may be out in the sun and doing a lot of lifting, etc. Also for those who love working outdoors and as part of a team, as well as creative minded people for decorating the new buildings!

Make a difference to the lives of local people from developing communities, by helping to renovate and build schools, libraries, and other community buildings!

Here are some of our top construction projects abroad for this year and the next!

Community Construction Palawan, Philippines

_Building a wall

Through this project, you’ll directly help the local people assisting in creating better living conditions for families and school children. Depending on the needs at the time you’ll either be assisting in either home rebuilding or renovations of schools. This may involve simple renovations, eg. painting and landscaping, to complete rebuilds or major renovations to classrooms.

Get involved in laying bricks, doing carpentry, painting, laying tiles, and landscaping/gardening, and work alongside local tradesman.

No construction skills are necessary for this placement, however tradesmen of all types (eg. carpenters, plumbers, electricians, builders) are extremely needed. If you are an active and energetic person, who loves to get involved with a team and to get your hands dirty, then this could be the project for you.

Community Construction Ghana

construction project in Ghana

Ghana has seen a steady increase of economic growth in recent years, however with this growth, inequality has become more apparent.

Help and assist locals on community construction projects, which are all selected by the community needs at the time. There are a variety of ongoing projects, that will keep changing once each is completed. Education and sanitation are of a high priority of the work needed, but there are also plenty of opportunities for volunteers to work on recreational projects, such as pitch flattening and community centres. These centres are the hub of the community.


You will join a team of other volunteers and locals, in which you will work closely together, using teamwork to get the project completed. The Ghanaian workers are skilled and know how to use the local materials, so they will guide you through the process and teach you everything you need to know on the trade. You will be supervised to ensure the construction is done quickly and efficiently.

The project is located in Accra, the capital and largest city in Ghana, with a population of over two million. Accra stretches along the Ghanaian Atlantic coast and extends north. Our accommodation is located in Teshie, a coastal suburban town on the east side of Accra. It is a quickly growing suburb that’s getting bigger and bigger every day. Teshie is rich in its diversity and has its own train station for easy transport.

Construction & Renovation Guatemala


Get involved in digging, removing dirt, mixing cement, carrying bricks, painting, and plastering. Learn basic construction techniques under the guidance of a local coordinator.

Guatemala is prone to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and landslides. This leaves the landscape and homes ruined and many people struggling.

Construction projects abroad help to develop local communities by building classrooms, small clinics, and community centres. You will be assisting with renovation projects that improve access to education and healthcare. The project can require some hard labour including, digging, removing dirt, mixing cement, carrying bricks, painting, and plastering.

You will learn basic construction techniques under the guidance of a local coordinator. You’ll be taught how to use adobe, plaster, bamboo, cement block, drywall, and aluminium, as well as how to build, cut, mix, paint, and decorate.

Volunteer Construction Coral Coast, Fiji

IVI Fiji painting

Work along side local tradesman and help to refurbish worn down community structures or build new structures.  No specialist skills are required, however tradespeople of all types (carpentry, plumbing, building, laborers, electricians etc) are in high demand!

Many of the schools in the area simply do not have funds for renovation work and as a result, classrooms, libraries and community areas are worn down and uninviting. Through the help from international volunteers, we help re-build and beautify community structures providing positive energy and vibrancy for the locals.  In many areas of Fiji, thousands of families live in inadequate accommodation and children attend school in crumbling buildings. Our construction project allows them to move to new, better quality homes and for the children to receive an education in secure, new classrooms.

Developing infrastructure for the local community is an amazing way to give back to the Fiji locals directly benefiting them and improving their quality of life. Volunteers will mainly assist in renovating parks, playgrounds, classrooms, kindergartens and other community centers with some supervision and assistance of local tradesmen.

Construction and Renovation in Goa, India

painting mural

On this project, you will get your hands dirty, focusing on working at the slum and children schools allocated to the poor. Despite the previous efforts, the work here is far from done and we continue to renovate pathways, toilets, walls, etc. Moreover, those with artistic talents can help decorate the walls by painting images and sketches of their home countries and cultures. This is a great way for volunteers to leave their mark, and to see over time the efforts from volunteers from all parts of the world!

Other construction work may be carried out in a local village (renovating and building houses and sanitation facilities) or working on construction projects at local hospitals – this very much depends on the needs of any particular time. Volunteers’ skills will be used where they are most needed at the time.

India is an eclectic and intoxicating cultural experience like no other! Home of the famous Taj Mahal, the Himalayas, the sacred Ganges river, and over 1 billion people of varying languages, cultures and beliefs, India is sure to push you to the boundaries of your comfort zone!

Construction & Renovation in Hua Hin, Thailand

Constructing wall

There are many families in Thailand that live under poor housing conditions and many of its local community areas and facilities such as temples, hospitals or schools still need a lot of improvement.

This program can help to improve the living facilities of local homes and community buildings, something which the local people are very grateful for! You will be helping in much needed construction and renovation work by creating proper sanitation facilities, make housing safer places to live in and ensuring communities have a greater authority over their own development initiatives.

Volunteers can take part in light work such as cleaning the area, mixing cement and painting to, as well as harder tasks such as building walls, plastering and repairing roofing. Participants will be instructed and supervised closely by our coordinator who has ample experience in construction work to make sure that all the processes are safe, and the housing conditions are safe for the local people to live.

Hua Hin, is a lively fisherman-town and popular tourist spot these days offering all the standard beach stuff like snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing and with plenty of restaurants and tourist things like spas, water park, golf, shops and markets.

Cyclone Disaster Relief Work Vanuatu

painting a fence

As with many South Pacific regions, Vanuatu receives significant storm activity from Jan-Apr each year and the damage caused by a large cyclone in 2015 is an on-going problem in these underprivileged areas, as well as now the recent cyclone Harold in April 2020. This was a category 5 cyclone – the highest level on the scale and has caused huge damaged to homes, schools and community buildings. We are looking for people to help in any way they can.

With construction volunteering and disaster relief in Vanuatu, you’ll be working mainly on community structures such as schools, community centres and public areas. In many of the schools, economic challenges mean that classrooms are often makeshift and poorly constructed, resulting in un-safe and/or sub-optimal for educational purposes. Much of our work exists in the villages of Piliura and Launamoa which were badly affected by the cyclone Winston in 2015, as well as areas affected by the most recent cyclone in 2020.

Port Vila, the capital and main hub of Vanuatu is situated on Efate island. The architecture has mainly French with the population quite multicultural including ni-Vanuatu, Chinese, Vietnamese, British and French. Port Vila has all the standard facilities you’d expect from a commercial hub such as hospitals, shopping districts (note Vanuatu is a tax haven so duty free!), sports stadium, hotels, casino, museums and cultural centres. The town is a great base for divers who come for the trips to Mele Cascades, a large rain forest water fall with rock pools and incredible scenery.

We have several other construction projects abroad if none of these have taken your fancy! For any queries please do not hesitate to send us a message.



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