Vietnam Food Shop Review

We had a great time volunteering at the Nutrition Support program in Ho Chi Minh City!

It was such a fulfilling experience to come help out every day and work alongside the other volunteers from all over the world and the local staff to serve really good food to the people of this community.

Kenny was wonderful about escorting us everywhere and explaining our tasks and translating everything from Vietnamese to English.

We got up early in the morning to head to the kitchen and help the staff that’s already been cooking for hours to prepare healthy, filling, and delicious meals for people who otherwise would have a hard time getting something to eat. It’s clear that the members of this community appreciate and benefit from this program and the people who run it, some of whom are volunteers themselves and have been helping out every day for years.

Giving of our time and energy to work together and get to know everyone at the kitchen felt refreshing and satisfying, as well as gave us a unique opportunity to be exposed to real local culture. Everyone was super welcoming and made us feel at home, even through the language barrier that existed on both sides.

We also got to taste the locally sourced dishes that were made in the kitchen, and everything was delicious! Some of the meals were certainly not foods that we would have found on our own and that was extra special. We love experiencing local food and culture wherever we travel, so this was an absolute treat.

We highly recommend Nutrition Support program to anyone visiting Vietnam and staying in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s truly a fantastic experience that you will never forget.

Maya and Christopher from the United States of America.

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