Join IVI in Thailand! Chiang Mai and Hua Hin

After a recent trip to Thailand, to check out our programs and meet with our fantastic local teams on the ground, I (sam – project coordinator) wanted to share a bit about our volunteering projects over there.

We have two locations in Thailand, one in Hua Hin, which is by the beach, and the other in Chiang Mai which is close to the mountains. Both locations are super popular with backpackers and expats and have all the amenities close by so it’s a great location for exploring on the weekends.

monastery thailand

In Hua Hin you can spend time relaxing by the beach, water sports, night markets, and hiking in your free time. In Chiang Mai there is also plenty of hiking, waterfalls, markets, temples, shopping, and adventure activities.

Both locations have teaching projects, kindergarten support, construction and renovation. In Chiang Mai we also have our elephant care and rehabilitation program which is very popular, and in Hua Hin we have the environmental program, where you can help in the mangrove forests. We may also be opening a new location in Thailand later in the year so stay tuned for that – it will be amazing! 😊

Here are a few images from our volunteer programs in Thailand…

Teaching - Hua Hin painting on wall

The Thailand Team

chiang mai team

What I found so special was how the local team really care about each and every program and are so passionate about giving back to those less fortunate.

The Thai people put kindness first and foremost before anything and are incredibly generous people. They make all the volunteers feel right at home and are always available 24/7 for any issues, even in the middle of the night if need be!

If a volunteer is feeling unwell or homesick they do everything they can to help them, whether that’s going to the shops to get medicine, taking them to the hospital, bringing them food, or simply checking in on them and being the caring people they are. Volunteering alone, especially if it’s your first time can be scary, so the team do a great job at making the volunteers feel included and at home.

Special program for groups – School for Life – Chiang Mai

school of life

boys dorm at school

Boys dorm at the School of Life. A lot of work could be done here.

We also have some awesome programs up in the hilltribe villages. These programs are especially for groups, and you can teach English or help with the construction and decorating around the schools.

The School for Life in the mountain areas of Chiang Mai is open to around 114 young students who also live at the school. The teachers have a full-time job because not only do they educate the kids in the day but they also look after them outside of school hours. What struck me was how poor some of the living facilities were for the kids, particularly the sleeping areas. So much can be done here with construction programs and helping with English teaching.


To enquire more about group program in Thailand, please contact us.

You can view all our Thailand programs on our destination page.

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