Remote Island Teaching Review from Fiji!

Jo did the island and women’s commune program in Fiji 🙂 …. I can’t express enough how much Meki, Tima and Paulina took care of me. They would even fan me when I was eating and if I was lying on the front deck (anywhere I was actually if they thought it was needed😆) I’ve never been fanned before😆

Sitting up the head of the table being fanned and continually fed was definitely a new experience! I felt like Queen Joey😆
They also prepared me the most beautiful bedroom.

fiji bedroom in homestay

I have arranged to visit Meki and his beautiful family again in October. Also a lovely lady Karalaini from the one of the hotels I stayed in has asked me to her parents village while I’m there. I’m very excited to be seeing everyone! I’ll also get to see the ladies at the women’s commune as Karalaini’s Grandma lives there.

jo in Fiji

This is Karalaini I met at a hotel I stayed in. She is the lady taking me to her village. There’s always a positive if I hadn’t stayed in hotels at times I wouldn’t of met her:)

womean at hart

Aurora and I with Akansha the Kindy teacher. I truly had the best time thank you.

painting nails selfie women progrma in fiji

I just absolutely love volunteering☀️ Thank you also for always getting back to me Lauren explaining everything to me and helping me every step of the way,

x Jo

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Learn more about the womens’s program


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