Experiencing Bodhgaya, India

Each of us are on this hard journey called life. Let’s not beat around the bush, our journey’s can be extremely challenging in every way, but it can be so much harder for others ? #begrateful. On my own journey I am searching for something, I’m searching for hope in suffering, searching for the goodness in humanity, searching for the reason behind our crazy realities. The tools I have to do this are my body (my hands) , my mind (my passion, my battles, my determination) and my spirit (spiritual guidance and love) and by putting the hours I have left in this world ? to give hope and kindness to those who cross my path????.
On this particular project to India, amongst feeding and teaching the children of the school, I was searching for Enlightenment. In this very city in India, Buddha found Enlightenment under the Bodi tree ?. Most monks and spiritual individuals in Bodhgaya are searching for the same Enlightenment Buddha recieved, but I think Enlightenment is in your own journey. I can say I have found my Enlightenment through my own battles and suffering, through the eyes of people who have nothing but have everything at the same time, through helping others, by taking nothing for granted and through having God?. I am grateful for these things and mostly for the suffering I have been through to make me realise life is all about helping people get through the storms life throws at us?️?️?.♥️ .
In the link in my comments you will see our latest trip to India where we raised over $5000 to help feed the poor (in only material things) in India. This has been the most incredible experience and doing it with my beautiful partner Lee Andrew who has a heart the size of Ayres Rock. Thankyou Lee for having the same dreams as me, supporting me and giving me the gift of being the real weird, crazy me ?.
Thankyou all who have support us in our @travelee_au journey and help us reach our targets? we have some very exciting news to share about Travelee coming soon ?.
El x

Link to Bodhgaya Project


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