Volunteers donate $1500 for much needed repairs in Fiji

A HUGE thank you to IVI volunteers Stephanie and Darcey for donating $1500 to a much needed community in our remote island construction project in Fiji. Every bit of help here goes a long way and has a genuinaly lasting effect on the grateful community.

“Hey Lauren, I forgot to inform you about this for a while but Darcey and I raised $1500 before our volunteering trip. With that were able to repair the Yr 4 & 5 classroom roof that was broken with holes in it, purchase two water tanks to help with the major water shortages on the island. Also, the main source of water was from a big bore hole just outside the school that all 800 villagers rely on, from young to old, it is super dangerous with just rocks carved as stairs where they walk down, fill up the bucket then struggle back up multiple times a day. So with the help of the principal and village chief we designed a well, all went and purchased the materials and it is currently in construction so that the villagers just stand on this platform and a whole system is in place for buckets to be lowered and brought back up with machinery instead of themselves! I have set up/in the process of setting up a project on the island to continue these projects also so hopefully future volunteers/tourists will be contributing to these efforts :))))”

Thank you,

fiji donation project

This is what the bore hole previously looked like

water tank repair fiji

An illustration of what the bore hole will look like after construction

fiji donation project

Principal Tobua repairing the schools roof

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