Nutrition Education Program Bali Review

"The trip was an experience of a lifetime and I’m very thankful for the opportunity!"

Hello Lauren,

The trip was an experience of a lifetime and I’m very thankful for the opportunity!

Highlights of the trip:
– Meeting volunteers from all parts of the world

– Having the opportunity to integrate within the local community and experience the culture in Bali

– Having time to explore Bali and visit a range of places such as temples

– Being able to teach students about particular healthcare topics

Comments on the team, food and accommodation: 

The team were very good and friendly. They made you feel at home. They were very thoughtful and kind. When I was in Bali, I was ill for a few days and they made sure I was ok, made me rice porridge for meals and helped me get to the hospital clinic and get my medicines.

The food was good. There were always a range of dishes to choose from and it included a mix of westernised food but local food too.

Accommodation was good and it allowed me to live in more basic surroundings. Everything was cleaned regularly, and it had a range of facilities that were necessary. Only thing I will mention, was a slight issue with the showers. The showers would be very hot in the morning and cold at night. This wasn’t a big problem, but the morning showers could be quite hot.


Any improvements to help us be better:

Not really, everything that was done was to a very high standard! I would definitely want to volunteer aboard again after this experience and have throughly enjoyed it.




IVI volunteers in bali having a fun time!

volunteers in bali with IVI group of students

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