Feedback on Thailand Volunteering

The volunteering in Thailand was an amazing experience and I'm so grateful.

Highlights of the trip:

Being able to ride the bikes through to village to work each day, the flexibility of free time opportunities and the great opportunity to be able to help out through this amazing program.   Being able to see the village and being taken to various locations to visit temples or the markets or shopping centres. was a great cultural experience

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

The team was great, food was delicious – they made me special vegetarian food without problems. so nice 🙂 accomodation was beautiful and well set up.   The team was a great help and it was such an awesome opportunity to be able to volunteer for this organisation. The food was delicious and suitable for vegetarians – I loved it! The accommodation was perfect, just needs a few more mosquito repellents around

Any improvements to help us be better:

I was only there for a week so i had no problems at all and loved every minute, very relaxing and a pretty accommodation  ?.  I love the small villages and cultural difference. Maybe a tour through some of the nearby temples and attractions would have been nice – otherwise very relaxing and enjoyable.  ?

thank you 🙂

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