Cyclone Winston Rebuilding Testimonial Fiji – 2016

Hi Lauren, thanks for this. Masi, Junior and Mary and everyone have been lovely.

We have been at the two schools and got the computers up and running. The kids could use them at Teidamu today, but Raviravi still doesn’t have power. Last week we were working with John building computer desks.

As promised, here are the two posts I wrote for my blog about the volunteering experience:

How can I help? (Largely about how volunteers can prepare for their volunteering)

Is it a need or a want? (About the lessons I learned on the remote island placement)

We had a fantastic experience, and if you think these posts might be of help to other prospective volunteers considering IVI, please feel free to link to them on your site ūüôā

We’re looking forward to a bit of a break then continuing with the program at the Remote Island teaching!

Best wishes,


Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou (Learn the language of money and enrich your future)


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