Childcare Placement Testimonial Fiji – 2016

Hi Lauren!

Hope your well!

I’m so sorry I’m only just emailing back!

I will forward you some photos over now! I haven’t been through my go pro yet so may have more!

I honestly could never have imagined how humbling and heart warming my Fiji experience would have been!  I have never met a more welcoming and friendly community in my life.  Fiji and the orphanage taught me so much and Masi and Mila are amazing!

Fiji you have my heart forever!  Thank you so much for all your help I will 100% going back!   And I have recommended you to so many friends!   And thank you Fiji and the orphanage for teaching me so much about myself and hopefully they gained something from me too 🙂

There’s nothing more fulfilling then seeing how happy them children are and how the generosity of other help keep them that way 🙂

Thanks again Lauren!
Kind regards

Lucy Sharrock (Australia)

lucy sharrock3 lucy sharrock

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