Fiji Construction Project Review by Travis

"couldn’t have asked for a better homestay "

Thank you for letting me be apart of this journey this really an unforgettable trip and was great to see our cultural differences, I’m really thankful to have experienced that week.

Highlights of the trip:

Participating multiple times for their Kava Ceremony as well as being accomodated in the Home stays. The family that took care of us were so nice and caring and so helpful and friendly and made us feel at home it was real nice to see how different they live their lives compared to us in Australia it’s definitely an eye opener to see how some Fijians live day to day and it’s amazing to have experienced this. When we were helping rebuild a classroom it was great a bonding session for the team as in those 3 days we got to know each other real well and close, as well as meeting the kids, teachers and locals who were living around the area were just so nice and caring and provided us meals during the day which was a nice gesture, I’m really blessed to be apart of this Journey.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

The team I worked was great really nice and hardworking individuals who could all have a laugh, The food was excellent a lot different to back at home but honestly just great tasting and looking food. Accomodation was great couldn’t have asked for a better homestay really nice family we got to stay with they would provide us with any assistance we needed and made sure we were always feeling at home.

Any improvements to help us be better:

I feel like this trip was great, but possibly letting us know who will we be staying with would probably be the only thing.

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IVI volunteers with children in Fiji Fijian school children in classroom IVI volunteers with children in Fiji

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