Fiji Island Healthcare Testimony

Hi Lauren,


We had an amazing time. It was such a great experience.  It was so hard to leave the people.

Highlights :  I worked with the village nurse for 3 days. We traveled by boat to neighbouring island and did home visits. We met so many people with high blood pressure on that island. I helped her do blood pressures and sugar checks. The nurse was amazing. She had to do teaching, refill everyone’s medications, encourage people to visit a doctor on the main island. I think my highlights was actuallly working with the kindergarten class. One day, a girl had a cut. I put bacitracin and a band aid. Then I ended up checking the entire class, cleaning their cuts and putting band aids in. They were so happy. 


Comments:  Our homestay family was great. She cooked great food, although her resources were limited. We didn’t have too many fruits or vegetables , but everything tasted great.  We slept on a mattress in the floor, which was fine. I didn’t mind bathing with the bucket of cold water.  I just had a hard time with the toilet.  That is the only thing that would hold me back from staying longer .


Improvements:  the only improvements would be to be better prepared for the island. I guess it’s better I didn’t know about the toilet facility. I wish we knew we were leaving on Sunday to the island, we would have bought fruits and vegetables. We thought we were leaving on Monday, and we didn’t really know that there was NO fruits or vegetables. 


We definitely will do this again.  We want to save to bring our adult kids. We will never forget this experience .

Thank you

Ramie Kalei



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