Island Teaching in Fiji Review

Hi Lauren,  Thank you for your email! Flip and I had the best time and cannot wait to return in the near future. I have attached some photos and answered the questions below... :)


Highlights of the trip:

Flip and I did not realise how AMAZING this experience would be! We formed such close bonds with all the teachers and students and they seriously felt like family by the end of the week. We will 100% return. They are such happy, positive, fun people to be around and we learnt just as much from them as they did from us. So my highlight would have to be the close connections we formed in just one week!


Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

Everything was a 10/10. Hosts were so nice and hospitable – shout out to Iri and Maste Te (David). Flip and I LOVED THEM! Our Fijian mum and dad! My accommodation was great; plenty of room, a bed etc. and Iri would always have a new meal on the table breakfast, lunch and dinner for us! Such a cutie!!


Any improvements to help us be better:

Not that I can think of… everything was so great, I honestly cant think of anything!


Thanks for all your help and guidance Lauren! Greatly appreciate it 🙂
Maddie x




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