Primary School Thailand

"One of the biggest highlights was meeting other volunteers and learning about their different cultures and lives."

Teaching Placement Thailand

Highlights of the trip:

As we were all there for the same reason, everyone held very similar values which made it very easy and enjoyable to get along. Another highlight was the eagerness and willingness of the kids to learn. This made the trip very rewarding. The location was also beautiful and as there are hardly any tourists we were deeply immersed in their culture.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

The team were all very helpful and approachable. The food was thoroughly enjoyable and I liked the variety of vegetarian dishes. The accommodation was also appropriate and personally I was very comfortable during my stay.

Any improvements to help us be better:

I have no complaints but the program my group did was quite unorganised, understandably it was the first program to be run at the particular school so for what it was, it was very good. The biggest improvement would be ensuring that everyone participating in the program; school, teachers, team members and volunteers are prepared and organised and understand what role they play and what they are meant to be doing. Overall, it was a wonderful trip.

Jessica Broome

Teaching Placement Thailand



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