Refugee Camp Volunteering Review Greece


Greece was an incredible experience for me and it really opened up my eyes to everything that is happening in Chios and the overall Refugee Crisis.

Toula is incredible and her team are amazing! I have actually found returning very difficult and I would love to go back to be honest haha. It was incredible!

The highlights of the trip for me is actually how much I learnt from the Refugees, I don’t think you actually know what these people have been through until they tell you and you see it. I think a lot of things we are hearing in the media is always misleading, so actually seeing the refugee crisis and being a part of the boat arrivals was incredibly sad but also very moving. Because you know that by doing this work you are actually helping and making a difference. The volunteers truly made my experience as well, I love Anushka and I was blessed to have her as my room mate. She is amazing and we would have de-briefs in the evenings which was super helpful after having such intense and full on days.

Since being back it has motivated me to keep fighting for these people as well and their human rights. Which for me is a huge highlight because it grounds you to know that these people are beautiful and warm people who are just looking for a better life, so it is a highlight that I feel motivated to keep helping them.

I found the food in Greece incredible. I loved the famous cheese “Mastello” and the local places near Sun Rooms were amazing as well. The food is so fresh and delicious and cheap as well, mastello pita wraps became a big favourite to be honest. I also loved the Greek Yoghurt, so sweet and creamy. Amazing!

Toula and Sun Rooms was awesome and right next to the beach which was so nice for early morning swims! I love running in NZ but I soon change to swimming when I realized how hot it is.

I found the process through IVI awesome and super helpful and thank you for your endless support as well Lauren!

I have attached some pictures to this email as well.

Thanks again Lauren.

Hope you are having an awesome week!

Warm wishes,



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