Animal Shelter Vet Nurse Fiji

Highlights of the trip:

Overall my trip was amazing! I learned a lot at the animal shelter and was able to help with many different procedures. I enhanced my vet skills while learning new techniques from other vets. I loved that I worked with many volunteers (vets and vet students) from all over the world! Everyone was super welcoming, friendly and helpful from the staff, to the clients and even other Fijians in the community. I took a few days to travel to other parts of Fiji and I recommend to everyone to take some days to travel because you get to learn more about Fiji and experience other parts of the culture and country! I also met a lot of other people while traveling which made the experience even more fun! I highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in shelter medicine or small animal veterinary work!

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

 My host family was amazing and they treated me as one of their own kids! The food was outstanding and I never went hungry. I shared a room with another volunteer for part of the trip and it was nice to have another volunteer to talk to and adventure with.  My family made sure I was comfortable with the area before I took the bus to and from work. My family gave me insight on what to look out for and I felt very safe during my stay. My family spoke English, almost everyone does in Fiji, and they taught me many Fijian words and phrases! My experience with the food, accommodation and team was outstanding making this experience well worth it!


Any improvements to help us be better:

My arriving experience was not good but I think it was a mistake and doesn’t happen often (I hope). Thankfully I had Masi number to contact and everyone in Fiji is super friendly and helpful.









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