Street Children Orphanage Vietnam Review 2015


So my next project is working with a Vietnamese volunteer organisation in Ho Chi Minh

The director of the project is the most genuine and lovely person, she has so much experience in Volunteering and just has so many stories and knowledge.  It has been great meeting her.  The rest of the team is also really funny and crazy and everyday is a surprise.

The team consists both of international and Vietnamese volunteers working together, all helping out in the office and also with all of the projects.  People are always coming and going and I have meet so many people, and there’s always something to do and someone to talk to.  The time is going so quick.   The children in the orphanage come from very poor backgrounds and it’s really sad to see how big the problem is here.  It’s made me feel very grateful for the life I’ve lived back home.

Living in Ho Chi Minh is crazy.  The traffic is nuts, but going on the back of the motor bike is soooo muchhh funnn, though I wouldn’t risk driving one.  The other day I got driven to work on the back of the bike, in the pouring rain, the roads were flooded and water was going every where, but sooo much fun. Also I have lots of interesting room mates from all over the world, we all go out to eat together and go exploring the city, so its great.   We stay at the University Campus. Living here is really comfortable actually, we have everything we need all close by.  I catch the local buses everywhere which are easy to navigate and so I am finally settling into my new location.  So loving Vietnam and my new volunteer project.

Bridgette (Australia) 2015


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