Island Teaching with IVI Fiji Review – 2016

Hello dear

thank you so much for the certificate and the program that you motivated me to attend.

The remote island definitely has changed my life. There might be some brazilians contacting you in the next months (I hope so)

Sorry for the late response, I came back to Brazil from Fiji after one year travelling and met a sad country because of the serious political and economical crisis we are facing. At the same time my mum was not fine, and needed some “care” but now she is getting better.

I havent found you on linkedin (IVI AUS). Do you have a profile in there?

I am about to write  a post about my experience in the program and how we can “correlate” this experience with the corporative work, how to move on from our conform zone and run new challenges in a positive perspective.

I am planning to do my next international volunteer trip with you within the next 2 years and I will be always recommending you.

thank you so much, it couldnt be better.

ps,: I have some pictures and soon I will post on your page ate fb.

my best,

Priscilla Pimentel





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