Volunteering Bodhgaya India Review – 2016

So sad it’s my last week in India ? This week I am concluding staff training and have held a creative teaching workshop for all 7 teachers of the 4 schools. Although my delivery was similar to a  female Mr Bean, it seemed to go well! Shiny new cupboards are being sent (1 by 1 via me and Ramesh on a motorbike) to each village, a well cover is being made and finally the water pump fixed!! Phew! My highlight was today; finding an incredible painting of Buddha in the classroom after I left my paints behind. This was painted by a very talented 14 year old boy from the village. Thank you again for all donations…you have all made all of this possible xx

To everyone who has helped me to raise an incredible £540…The children of Bihar say THANK YOU! After intense effort, Bolibigar Village now has a fixed roof, electrical lights and fans in the classroom. In the next few days they will be getting a fence, gate and cover for the well. Sechwara Village School now have a school shirt for each child (and are starting a house points system) and all 4 schools are soon to receive an metal cabinet stocked with play toys and resources. Nothing is easy here, so all of this has taken a lot of effort and manual labour! Thank you so much to everyone who has made this possible xxx

Lauren (Australia)

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